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Client Project: Lead African Strategic Solutions

Hethrone offers a variety of services to meet the needs of our clients.  Hethrone has the expertise to provide tailored consultations, operational support and strategic insight to address your needs in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Website

  • Industry: Management Consulting

  • Type: Privately Held

  • Company Size: 2-10 employees

  • Founded: 2015

linkedin-logo.-300x111Client Project: Using LinkedIn to Help Growth Companies Grow Faster

LinkedIn connects the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful and transforms the ways companies hire, market, and sell.

  • The vision is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce through the ongoing development of the world’s first Economic Graph.
  • LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 400 million members in over 200 countries and territories.
  • Professionals sign up to join LinkedIn at a rate of more than two new members per second.

To bring the LinkedIn vision to life for my corporate clients, I partner with them to activate targeted LinkedIn solutions that help them to:

  • Focus on the right prospective customers.
  • Stay informed with action-packed insights.
  • Build trusted and value-based relationships.

mediasify_logoClient Project: Mediasify Yourself

Sales & Marketing is a skill set and a key dimension of business progress. Professionally, I have years of experience in Sales and Marketing. This post spotlights my work with the following firm: Mediasify LLC.

Mediasify’s mission is to provide an intensified, diversified, and people-focused video, press release, and social media marketing plan for small business owners, motivational speakers, and professionals.

As  a consultant for Mediasify, I organize and sell media marketing programs to individuals who are in the business of publicity.  I also write business development articles and press releases; and collaborate with a team of video producers, editors, and script writers to produce web video commercials.

Improve Enterprise Cost Management

Situation: Client, a $20 Billion Consumer Goods Company (Fortune 500).  In my work as a senior director in the CEB Finance & Strategy Practice, I periodically give presentations on emerging issues that impact Finance functions.  After an event presentation I gave on the increase in G&A cost related to ad-hoc/judgment-based work (e.g. M&A analytics) over transactional/rules-based work (Accounts Payable processing), I connected calendars with the CFO and Treasurer in attendance.  They expressed some interest in having a follow-up discussion with me about how G&A cost trends might be impacting their operations.   [General & administrative corporate spend are expenses not related to the production of any goods or services i.e. operating expenses].  During our follow-up meeting, they opened up to me about how their company was facing cost reduction pressures.  The pressures had become very challenging, especially in light of setting the right cost targets and timeline across their different G&A functions like Marketing, IT, and HR.

Action:  I recommended and helped them to organize a one-day cost management workshop where they invited key functional heads and stakeholders.  To facilitate the workshop, I worked with my research and data team to put together practical resources as follows: G&A data highlighting the costs that other similarly-situated organizations are removing from their cost base; management questions for identifying costs to reduce through robust functional activity audits; checklists for engaging mid to low level employees in the process of weeding out inefficiencies and costs at their level; and incentives guidelines related to different scenarios for cost reduction targets.

Result: My client pinpointed 14 high-impact ideas for which costs could reasonably be eliminated across their enterprise.  The executive team also surfaced the need for (and came to agreement on) a better approach to manage hiring freezes based on key performance indicators such as project criticality and growth milestones. In addition, I was successful in changing the CFO and Treasurer’s perspective on Finance’s role in monitoring cost-cutting progress, and they left with a clear action plan that now serves as part of a living document for how they manage enterprise costs on an ongoing basis.

BM-Consulting1Client Project: African Political Risk Consulting

Market Research & Risk Analysis – as a skill set and dimension of business progress – is a learned practice. Professionally, I have gained some experience in this area through my past work with B&M Consulting Inc.  B&M Consulting Inc. is the first political risk research and consulting firm focusing exclusively on Africa.  As an independent consultant for B&M Consulting Inc., my work focused on researching and reporting on the legal and regulatory risks of foreign direct investment in Africa.

Corporate-Executive-Board1Client Project: Finance & Strategy Practice at the Corporate Executive Board Company (CEB)

In the Finance & Strategy Practice of the Corporate Executive Board Company, I build and maintain relationships with executives at Fortune 500 companies to help them drive corporate performance by addressing 6 challenges:

  • Assessing Key Performance Trends and Risks
  • Organizing and Managing Critical Talent
  • Benchmarking Performance and Plans
  • Establishing Innovative Operating Approaches
  • Driving Alignment and Support for Change
  • Navigating Leadership Transitions

Highlight-Biz-News1Client Project: Highlighting Small Businesses

Highlight Business News allows companies, organizations, and professionals to tell a unique business story targeted at a local audience.

As a consultant for Highlight Business News, I research and draft unique business stories on a per-project basis that highlight each client’s services in a compelling way. The stories are then featured in local newspapers.

MGL-logo-free-press-realeasClient Project: Green Alert!

Mean Green List helps homeowners and consumers find contractors that are competent and experienced in various green technologies for remodeling and home improvement projects.

As  a consultant for Mean Green List (MGL), I worked with Randy Revoyr, MGL Owner and General Manager, to match up general contractors with homeowners seeking home improvement services powered by green, energy-efficient technologies.

I consulted with each contractor to identify and promote the contractor’s areas of expertise through online and offline marketing.   In July 2010, I devised an online press release writing and distribution strategy that measurably enhanced the appeal of our contractors’ services to homeowners.

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